What will you celebrate this year?

On our 20th Anniversary, we celebrate the power of celebration and encourage you to mark time.

Get Inspired to Celebrate!

Thank you for 20 years, Vancouver.

Can we inspire you to celebrate?

During this 20th Anniversary year, we are looking back and celebrating the power of celebration. We've been part of some very powerful and tender moments over the years and, with each passing year, we feel more strongly about the importance of marking time. For our anniversary, it is our wish that you celebrate more with the people you live, love and grow with, and we are here to help.  

A celebration isn't just a party. Celebration is the act of bringing people together to mark time. Celebration is honouring the significance of everyday moments (and, sometimes, even the difficult moments) and the people we share them with.  

We are proud of our clients, industry partners, and team, and hope that these 20 remarkable stories of celebration will inspire to you to celebrate what's important to you, mark time, and embrace the importance of coming together.

Vancouver's #1 Caterer Never Intended to be a Caterer

They started as a small neighbourhood café serving guests one at a time—now they're one of Vancouver's top event caterers.  Featuring: Mary Lee Newnham, CEO & Executive Chef and Nicole Burke, Director of Catering Sales

30 Years of Bard on the Beach

Iconic evenings of Shakespearean theatre are punctuated by fabulous food, fireworks, and Vancouver's temperamental weather.  Featuring: Christopher Gaze, Director of Bard on the Beach

Bringing the Disney Experience to Vancouver's Law Courts Inn

In the Great Hall of the Law Courts Inn, Emelle's offers service that rises to the best of the world-class hospitality standards.  Featuring: Steve Chamli, General Manager, The Law Courts Inn

Two Young Vancouver Entrepreneurs Learn to Believe in Themselves

While working to save WinterPRIDE, the owners of Debut Event Design Inc. are inspired and supported by the LGBTQ community and Emelle's.  Featuring: Maurizio Peta & David Light, Owners, Debut Event Design Inc.

New York Family Discover's Vancouver's Unique Cultural & Culinary Fusion 

Emelle's and The Fun Team Group join forces to create an elite outdoor dining experience at Vancouver's iconic Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden. Featuring: Sacha Chin, Event Manager, The Fun Team Group

Celebrating Our City’s Dynamic Story Through Art

Local artist, Carson Ting, illustrates a custom map of Vancouver with iconic landmarks to celebrate 20 years of Emelle’s in Vancouver. Featuring: Carson Ting, Chairman Ting Industries Inc.

Tying the Knot in the Historic Heart of Vancouver

Emelle's helps host the perfect Vancouver wedding and mingling dinner for guests from all over the world. Featuring: Allison Bran, Marketer & Entrepreneur, REX Marketing + Design Inc.

Vancouver Family Builds on a Legacy of Celebration

Over the course of two decades, Emelle's caters 10 parties for one family with celebrations spanning three generations.  Featuring: Megan & Elliot Laskin

Gingerbread and Generosity Make a Real Impact

Emelle's famous gingerbread houses dazzle guests of the B.C. Lions Society Easter Seals House during the holiday season. Featuring: Emma Liffen, Director of Philanthropy, B.C. Lions Society

From All-White to All-Eighties, Emelle's Delivers Themed Parties that Impress

When an ex-caterer and one of B.C.'s hottest event professionals want to treat themselves and their friends, they hire Emelle's. Featuring: Ozzie & Elliott Kipnes, Owners, Hot Wax Mobile Entertainment

Living Up to a Proud Legacy of Service to the Community

The Vancouver Rowing Club partners with Emelle's to serve its members, delivering events that rise to the standards one would expect from a Vancouver landmark. Featuring: Keith Jolly, General Manager, Vancouver Rowing Club

An Edible Showcase of Creativity and Self-expression

Emelle's helps a young baker to craft memorable experiences for seasoned Vancouver foodies through the creation of artistically exquisite desserts and pastries. Featuring: Melissa Cameron, Pastry Chef, Emelle's Catering

One Woman’s Journey to Citizenship and Beyond

Working in the Emelle’s kitchen, a young mother from South Africa finds heart, home, family, and some much needed artistic inspiration. Featuring: Lauren Albrice, Landscape Artist and Preschool Teacher

Beyond Customers, This Chef Serves His Team and His Community

Emelle's Head Chef Darren Upshaw reflects on 16 years spent serving the Vancouver Community both in and out of the kitchen. Featuring: Darren Upshaw, Head Chef, Emelle's Catering

Finding Family and a New Home in Canada

Senior staff member Melbin '"Ben" Sarabia celebrates 20 years of singing and dancing in the Emelle's kitchen. Featuring: Melbin "Ben" Sarabia, Dishwasher, Emelle's Catering

Inside the Phantom of the Opera—Four Course and a Night to Remember

With the iconic QE and a world-renowned musical as her backdrop, Emily Edwards shows off what makes Vancouver a top destination for international corporate events. Featuring: Emily Edwards, Event Planner, Destination Planners

Designing a YVR Welcome For Guests From Around the World

With a little support from Emelle's, Imagine That Events helps YVR cement its award-winning reputation as North American's best airport. Featuring: Laura Takasaki, Event Planner, Imagine That Events

Now the World Knows I Can Do It on My Own

After impressing with his persistence and his winning barbecue pork shrimp fried rice, Danny Cameron has become a dear member of the Emelle's Family. Featuring: Danny Cameron, Kitchen Staff, Emelle's Catering

Vancouver's Recycling Program Pioneers

Before anyone else was onboard with the Green Revolution, Recycling Alternative partnered with Emelle's Catering in and out of the kitchen to reduce waste. Featuring: Louise Schwarz, Co-owner, Recycling Alternative

An Inside-Out Look at an Expo '86 Icon

When Julio Guzman needs to deliver a memorable Telus World of Science experience to guests from all over the world, he knows he can count on Emelle's. Featuring: Julio Guzman, Sales Manager, Telus World of Science

Celebrate, big or small!

Let us pack you a private picnic for two, send sandwiches and treats to your next meeting, serve 150 of your closest family and friends, or wow 2,500 stakeholders at your next fundraiser or soiree. Nothing is too big or too small, too casual or too exclusive. 

Rustic venue? No kitchen? You want to celebrate in a field, you say? No problem. We serve thousands of people a hot catered meal at Bard On The Beach each summer. We transformed a parking lot into a dining room for dignitaries (and had them drooling) during the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. We've got you. 

What Emelle's is most proud of is our ability to transform hosts into guests. So what are you waiting for? What are you celebrating this year?

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