brunch menu

9:30am - 2pm Saturday/Sunday

Benny Extravaganza

All served with our olive oil hollandaise on our house made buttermilk biscuits. Crispy hash & mixed organic greens Emelle’s house vinaigrette.

  • Smoked Salmon: herbed cream cheese, sweet & crunchy pickled red onion, smashed capers & arugula   $18
  • Buttermilk Fried Chicken: kimchi aioli, green onions & veggie gravy drizzle   $15
  • Pulled Pork: Emelle’s signature BBQ sauce & green onion. so simple but so worth it      $16
  • VanCity: Avocado smash, cream cheese, heirloom tomatoes, kimchi aioli & arugula    $16
  • Crab cakes: Smashed capers & radish     $18

Stop Hashing Around

Top with two eggs your way ,on our house made crispy hash , choice of toast.

  • Spanish: Chorizo, diced tomatoes, red onion, sweet bell peppers   $14
  • Vegan Cauliflower Ragout: Roasted cauliflower, butternut squash, zucchini, sweet onions & roasted tomato, dressed with pickled shiitake    $12

It’s a Classic

2 eggs your way, choice of crisp bacon or sausage, roasted mushrooms, crispy hash & toast   $10

BYO 3 Egg Omelet         

Egg white only. Egg substitute available. Choose up to 3 fillings:      $12

  • Meat: bacon, sausage, chorizo, smoked salmon  
  • Veg: roasted mushrooms, zucchini, sweet bell peppers, sun dried tomato, onions, spinach, avocado
  • Cheeses: sharp cheddar, havarti, feta 

Emelle’s Signature Pithiviers      

Layers of ham, green onion, Dijon & gruyere in puff pastry with mixed greens. Comes with lemon red wine vinaigrette.      $12

French Toast

 served with real maple syrup       $12

Burger Bar 

Brioche bun, lettuce, tomato, onion ring, with a side of mixed green salad or hand pressed fries. Choose your protein:

  • Prime rib beef patty - made with our famous onion jam  $16
  • BBQ breast of free run chicken         $16
  • Wild BC salmon - with lemon chutney aioli      $16
  • South west veggie (vegan) – with corn relish    $15

Avocado toast

It's avocado on toast!   $11

On the Lighter Side

  • Toast – sour dough, multi grain, white, brown, rye. Served with our house made preserve.     $3
  • House made granola yogurt parfait    $7
  • Chilled fresh fruit salad  $6
  • Cauliflower fries    $6

drink menu

Signature cocktails - $12
Mimosa - $10
White, red, or rose - $8
Local craft beer - $8

Signature cocktails provided by The Bar Cart by Lavish Liquid!

Lionsgate Mule - 1.5oz

Our unique twist on the classic Moscow Mule, incorporating cardamom and mango with our house-made ginger-beer to create a refreshing, tropical cocktail.

Caesars - 1.5oz 

A Canadian staple the way we like it. Extra muddy, dirty and spicy! Vodka, house spices, pickle juice, clamato, spiced rim, spicy beans.

Spirit Trail - 1.5oz

Our take on a hard Southern Sweet Tea with flavours of peach, spices, and citrus. Perfect for sipping away afternoons on the patio. Bourbon, chai, lemon, peach, aromatic and orange bitters.

High Tea - 1.5oz

This refreshing cocktail is perfect for spring and summer, offering notes of botanicals and florals with a crisp finish. Gin, lemon, honey syrup, rose-hip and hibiscus tea, grapefruit bitters.