Weddings & Milestones

Your celebration might look different than what you’d envisioned, but we will make this a celebration you’ll remember warmly forever.

Planning a petit special event?

Good things come in small packages. With 20 years of experience, and together with our wedding partners, we can bring the grandeur (or anything you had envisioned) to your petit event in creative ways with our Petit Event Package combining catering with decor, photography, and livestream video for your friends and family.

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              Wedding + Milestone Meals


Salads …………………
Organic heritage greens with flower petals, candied pecans & craisins, basil vinaigrette

Baby spinach & crisp romaine pickled onions, ripe berries

Toasted almonds & chevre crumbles with bumbleberry vinaigrette

Emelle’s classic Caesar salad with house made croutons & parmesan dressing

Earth harvest beets with grilled peaches gorgonzola crumbles crushed caraway & arugula with balsamic drizzle

Wild rice apricots garbanzos yams cucumber & red pepper

Emelle’s standing ovation potato caramelized onion & roasted garlic dressed in creamy balsamic

Capris with grilled zucchini semidried tomatoes Sicilian olives
over creamy pesto tuxedo tie pasta

Starchy Sides
Herb roasted bc potatoes | Creamy lighthouse inn potatoes | Wasabi mash
Lime & honey sweet potato puree | Asiago potato stacks | Mixed rice pilaf
Steamed Jasmine rice

Fusilli in Pomodoro Ragu   |   Penne Alfredo  |  Mac n Cheese  |  Orzo Risotto


   Roasted seasons peak vegetable  | Summers peas & fresh carrots
Grilled veg antipasto  |  Green beans almondine

Seared buttermilk marinated chicken breast
with tarragon cream
Seared chicken breast supreme stuffed with boursin, Okanagan peaches, sautéed kale,
napped with crushed innocence cream sauce

Miso glazed wild pacific salmon, bacon & corn succotash

Herb rubbed pork loin stuffed with bc apples & sage with calvados pan jus

Sirloin tip beef roast with horseradish & grainy Dijon & red wine demi glaze

                                                Sirloin tip beef roast wild mushroom glace de viande beet & sunflower seed terrine                                                                             with caramelized onion, smoked paprika chili chutney

                                                                                                         Addons & Replacements                                                                                           Grilled chateaubriand (tenderloin) carvery & tarragon mushroom shallot sauce + $12 for this option
Roast spring leg of lamb stuffed with rosemary & caramelized onions + $8 for this option
Fisherman’s halibut with shallot & citrus butter + $10 for this option


YOUR BUDGET, YOUR WAY.... (options and pricing)
Prices are subject to a minimum of 20 guest, please inquire for pricing for a smaller group


Buffet Options…….. 

Select the buffet of your liking,  picking your favorite selections as per the listed amounts

Option A | $ 39 | We Should Have Eloped | 2 salads | 1 starchy side | 1 vegetable | 2 mains

Option B | $45 | Wedding Singer| 3 salads | 1 starchy side | 1 pasta | 1 vegetable | 2 mains

Option C | $52 | Love Actually | 4 salads | 2 starchy side | 1 pasta | 1 vegetable | 3 mains

Plated Options…….

Select how many course you are having,  pick your menu for all  guest to enjoy 

2 Course Plated | $35 | 1 salad | 3 mains |1 starchy sidee | 1 veggie

3 Course Plated | $45 |  1 salad | 1 pasta | 3 mains |1 starchy side | 1 veggie

4 Course Plated |$55| | 1 salad | 1 pasta | 3 mains |1 starchy side | 1 veggie | 1 dessert

Guest to select 1 main course and any allergy restrictions. Menu selections must be provided 5 days in advance 

Wedding + Milestone Canapés

Vegan $24/dz
Caramelized onion & herbed plant ricotta
with spicy chutney on a fresh thyme dusted vol au vent
Wild mushroom & vegan ricotta puff
| Curry chick pea smashed with tomato ginger chutney |
in a cucumber cup
| Spicy fruit chutney with pickled golden beet curls on quinoa crisp |
| Veggie crumble stuffed button mushrooms |
| Niçoise salad satay |


Vegetarian – $24/dz
Wild mushroom & brie puff
Bursted cherry tomato bombs green goddess cream
on sun dried tomato biscuit
Asiago palmiers with semi sec tomato, bocconcini & fried basil
Mascarpone mousse tart with grilled figs & fresh basil
| Peppadews w/ charred lemon feta & kalamatas |
| Grilled watermelon & saganaki |
| Osaka devilled eggs with wasabi & nori flakes |
| Goat cheese fritter with sumac & lemon spice |
on zucchini cups, sun dried tomato pesto


Meat $36p/dz
Beef tenderloin tidbits with gorgonzola dip
Prosciutto pinenut & brandied fig bruschetta with cambozola
Beef donair in mini pita pockets, tahini & tabouleh
| Chorizo & cheddar stuffed button mushrooms |
| Samoan ham & grilled pineapple on poi patty |
with jezebel sauce
| Prosciutto wrapped bocconcini & grape tomato |

Poultry $36/dz
Chicken apricot & almond filo cups
Duck confit with sautéed leeks & orange zest on sage focaccia crisps
Teeni blini with fried chicken & maple chipotle aioli
| Spicy chicken satay with creamy chipotle parm dip |
| Taro crisps (donuts) with cashew chicken |

Seafood $40/dz
Chili lime prawn on focaccia wafer
Coconut crusted prawns with sweet chili dip
| Tuna tartar & avocado with taro chips |
| Wild salmon poke spoons with sesame green onion curls |
& pea shoots
| Pretty in pink smoked salmon almond macarons |
| Seared scallop, tear drop peppers, parsnip puree |
on taro crisp micro greens

*** | is Gluten Free| ***


Select local cured meats such as:
Okanagan cured meats by Helmuts fig salami | Lamb prosciutto wild boar salami | Blackened Wwiss styx
Bauern Schinken | Prosciutto | Canadian Genoa sausage
Creamy herb havarti | Smoked gouda | Oka
Dips & Breads
Roasted carrot hummus | Corn relish | Caramelized onion & roasted garlic marmalade
House made pickles | Sicilian olives crusty filone slices | Whole grain crackers & garlic herb crustini

Charcuterie -“V”eat
Select local grilled vegetables: Fennel | Tri- colored carrots | Red pepper | Zucchini | Sweet Asian eggplant
Vegetarian – Qualicum’s Tipsy Jill
Snow goat chevre truffles | Triple cream brie | Vegan seasonal select blue heron – plant based cheese
Dips & Breads
Roasted beet hummus |Caramelized onion | Roasted garlic marmalade
Sundried tomato bruschetta | House made pickles | Sicilian olives & cornichons
Crusty filone slices | Whole grain crackers | Garlic herb crustini

Charcuterie – Just Cheese
Les amis de fromagerie board with our roasted garlic jam
Served with filone | Crackers | Our sunshine coast crisps

Build Your Own Crostini Bar
Selection of topping includes: Steak | Sundried tomato bruschetta | Cheeses | Roasted vegetable               House made spreads & preserves selection of soft & crunchy bread & cracker slices

Classic Vegetable Crudité Platter
with Duo of dips| Signature red pepper miso | Classic hummus

Risotto or Mac & Cheese
Top with: BC seafood medley | Braised beef brisket | Madeira chicken
Then add your choice of: Grilled mushrooms | Asparagus tips | Sundried tomato | Spinach | Tomatoes Caramelized onions | Assorted ooey gooey cheeses | Roasted carrot brunoised | Minted peas | Fresh herbs

Mad About Loaded Poutine
Start with the classics – House pressed fries | Rich dark vegetarian gravy | Cheese curds
Outta the box–pulled pork or chicken | Jalapenos | Diced tomatoes | Chives | Mushrooms | Sour cream | Ketchup

Slider Carvery
choose 2: Anise rubbed pork loin | Prime rib | Seared tuna | Bratwurst | or Beet loaf
Carved onto brioche finger rolls with chef’s select toppings : Slaws | Lettuce | Roma tomato slices | Mustards Cheeses | Relishes | Pickles

Ambient Flatbread Bruschetta – $5/person
Sundried tomato pesto | Roasted vegetable | Goat cheese
Hurricane flatbread with chorizo | Wild mushrooms | Nippy cheddar cheese
Cajun chicken | Fire grilled peppers  | Cheese trio
Prawn | Shaved asparagus | Tomato pesto fresh dill | Mozzarella

Soup & Sandwich
From scratch tomato basil soup sippers | Pulled pork or chicken sliders

Soft & Salty Pretzels
Hot mustard | Creamy honey mustard | Classic yellow to dip

Nacho Cha Cha Bar
A Vancouver fan favourite with fresh taco chips & authentic flavours
Choose your ingredients – Grilled pineapple | Bacon | Mango | Diced tomato | Chives | Pickled onions | Jalapenos
Pulled chicken | Crab | Olives | Sour cream | Finish with warm queso fundido & chef made fresh guacamole

Popcorn Bar
Cookies & Cream | Parmesan & Black Pepper | Cajun Spiced

Emelle’s Chips & Dip
Taro | Beet | Classic ripple | Corn tortilla chipotle mayo | Red pepper miso | Chunky salsa | Hummus



Sweet Things Cake Options  ask for pricing
Chocolate Utopia Cake – pure decadence
Lemon Chiffon Mist – light airy fresh
Strawberry Blonde Genoise swirled with sweet strawberry puree
Pina Colada Carrot Cake with Jamaican rum punch

Personalized Sweet Things – starting at $8 per person
Quatre Chocolats Profiteroles
Cream Puffs with deep dark chocolate, raspberry ruby chocolate,
Salted Caramel Chocolate & Coconut Lime White Chocolate
Fresh Berry Cheesecake
Triple Chocolate Pave
Oh My Our New Twist On The Classic Coconut Cream Tart
A Sweet Bite Trio: Strawberry shortcake biscuit | Passionfruit pistachio blondie
Bourbon cherry brownie

Dainty Bites Station $6 per per person
Fresh Blueberry & Lemon Tart
Key Lime Tart with Blackberry Mirrior
Tiramisu Cannoli
Chocolate Profiterole
Chocolate Truffles (white chocolate peach or salted caramel dark)
Chocolate Panna Cotta Cream Cup

Cookie Bites Bar $5 per person
Orange Blossom Madelines
Tropical Biscotti
Sweet Coconut Macaroon
Rhubarb Jelly Thumbprint
Mexican Wedding Balls
Chocolate Chunk Stuffed with Peanut Butter
Birthday Cake Cookie stuffed with vanilla frosting



We offer professional servers and chefs in uniforms for all events that are not drop-off. The staff will set up, provide food and service, maintain the space, and clean up. Hours & service volumes on our proposals consider but are not limited to: complexity of set-up & access, style of service, number of guests.

per hour: Supervisor $35 (required for every event), Chefs & Bartenders $35, Cooks $30, Servers, $29, (4 hour minimum)

Our proposals will include coordinating and ordering just the right amount of equipment needed for your event. Whether you need a little bit of everything or just a few items, we can make sure your event runs without a hitch. This may include linens, dishware, glassware, furniture.                                                                                                      (Menu price includes items required for prepared food service.)
If ordering yourself, we can work with you to make sure you have everything you require. An additional fee may be applied.

Please notify us 5 days before your event with any allergies. The day of your event, we will not be able to accommodate your requests.

We require the final guest total to be confirmed 5 days before the event.

$1000 non-refundable save the date deposit to secure our services with a signed contract.
50% deposit 60 days before your event on the estimated amount

Applicable taxes are not included in menu prices. GST of 5% is added on food, drink, service charge, and labour.
PST of 7% on rentals and equipment and PST of 10% on alcohol. 18% service charge is added to all food and beverage.

You will receive your final bill post-event with all staff hours and cost finalized. The balance will be processed at this time

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