What kind of food do you serve?

Jul 17, 2014 | News

We have a varied and ever changing menu as we are an off premise catering business. Unlike a hotel or restaurant, we customize everything!

Whatever your event, from weddings, corporate meetings, picnics, parties or any special event, we will make it unforgettable.  Tell us what you have in mind.  We want your input with your taste preferences, your cultural background or dietary needs.  If your grandma makes the best Cabbage Rolls in the world and that’s what you want, then we want the recipe to prepare it just the way grandma does.

If you would prefer our ideas, we can start by creating a menu that is both seasonally and locally inspired.  Our style is what we call ‘West Coast Fusion’ pulling menu ideas from a blend of Vancouver’s many cultures and by using local, seasonal ingredients. Wild BC sockeye salmon is certainly our most popular request. West Coast – always means great seafood!

Be it a breakfast, lunch, dinner or a sweet treat from our in house pastry department, our from scratch cooking, always tastes like love!