What do your service staff charges include?

Jul 29, 2014 | News

How many times have you heard, “the service makes the meal?”  Ensuring a flawless event is our objective and our team of event professionals are what makes the difference between great and exceptional.

So what do we do?

Our professional, uniformed team will start by completely setting the room, which can include setting up the tables, chairs, place settings, name cards, party favours.  Once set-up is complete and guests arrive, we will create a flawless guest service experience as the event is in progress. Consider, coordinating with your MC or Planner to ensure we are on time, passing canapés & champagne, ensuring dad has a topped wine glass for toasts, that food service is replenished, cleared away and the room is tidy.  Or even simple things, like directions, calling a cab, loading up your car with left over liquor or making sure mom has found her purse at the end of the night.   Hospitality is our focus.  To complete the evening as you and your guests ride off, we will do the clean and pack up at the end of the event making sure that there are no damage deposits to pay.    Our mantra – leave the space cleaner than when you found it.